Tvangeste: Black Metal Interviews

In this section you can read selected interviews that were published in different metal related magazines. Because of the great deal of similar interviews we decided to put here only the most interesting ones. We really hope that this section will help you to understand the inner world of Tvanegste much better. All interviews listed below are in English. In a while we'll add more intreviews in other languages that were answered by Tvangeste between 2000-2005

+ Interview with Harm Magazine / USA (Interviewed by: Mike 'Medwed' Potrokh)
+ Interview with Kogaionon Magazine / Romania (Interviewed by: Dani Godja)
+ Interview with Arising Realm Magazine / Austria (Interviewed by: Michael)
+ Interview with Dead Tide Magazine / USA (Interviewed by: Mike)
+ Interview with Walls of Fire / Germany (Interviewed by: Deni)
+ Interview with GoiMusic / Spain (Interviewed by: Goimusic)
+ Interview with / Poland (Interviewed by: MikiGod)
+ Interview with MetalVox / Brazil (Interviewed by: MetalVox)
+ Interview with Oskorei / Norway (Interviewed by: Nash)
+ Interview with Pommesgabel / Germany (Interviewed by: Fraggle)
+ Interview with Legacy Magazine / Germany (Interviewed by: Markus)
+ Interview with Chaos Magazine / Turkey (Interviewed by: Murat)