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2000 "Damnation of Regiomontum" (CD+MC / Valgalder Records, Norway)
2003 "FireStorm" (CD+Digipack / World Chaos Production, Japan)


"Best Black Metal Act from Russia in 2001" (annual national awards)
"Album of the month" / Live For Metal / UK
"Album of the month" / Scream / Norway
"Best Metal Band From Russia in 2003" (annual national awards)
"Best Black Metal Album of 2003" Beat The Lizzard / Norway
"Best Black Metal Album of 2003" Quintessence / USA
"Best Black Metal Album of 2003"


WAVE GOTHIC - 10/10 / Germany
LETHE WARDEN - 10/10 / Italy
METAL MESSAGE - 10/10 / Germany
LEGACY mag. - 15/15 / Germany
OSKOREI Mag - 10/10 / Norway
IMHOTEP MAGAZINE - 9/10 / Norway
BLOOD CHAMBER - 9/10 / Norway
METAL DOMINATION - 9/10 / Norway
NEBUCH MAGAZINE - 9,5/10 / Turkey
SKY HELL - 9/10 / Brazil
SCREAM - 5/6 / Norway
METAL STORM International - 9,5/10
ASIT - 9,5/10 / Turkey
BEHIND THE VEIL - 9,5/10 / Greece

And many many others….


It has been few years since I had chance to listen to your album "Firestorm" and I can still remember how strong that beautiful "voice" of weeping violin marked in my memory.

1. So, tell the viewers of something more about your band - the members, a bit of history, where are you from, what kind of music do you play, and generally, what distinguishes you from other bands?

Hello!.. well...our biography starts in 1997 so as you can gather - quite a lot of different news…I believe that most of them aren’t too important so here’s the main info in brief:

1997 – birth date
2000 – “Damnation of Regiomontum” CD was released by Norwegian label VALGALDER RECORDS. This debut album brought many awards and great critics to Tvangeste from World’s mass media.
2002 – “FireStorm” was finished. Tvangeste signed a contract with big Japanese label WORLD CHAOS PRODUCTION.
2003 – “Firestorm” is out. Excellent reviews, incredible mass media responses, great sales world wide! Album was licensed by many labels from different countries… METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS has got a record deal for Poland and Germany.

After only one month from the release date "Firestorm" got the top places in different metal charts from all over the world's metal magazines and radios! Sales are going just great! Restocked several times on RED STREAM and on another North American metal monster DARK SYMPHONIES! Album was added to all major music catalogues and chain stores worldwide.

Many world's metal magazines have recognized TVANGSTE's "Firestorm" as "one of the best metal creations ever that will remain in world's metal history for ages" !!!! Critics that "Firestorm" got so far are just awesome!

TVANGESTE attracted METAL MIND's attention. Polish guys have licensed "FireStorm" for Poland and Germany. One of the biggest German promotion agencies was hired to make all promotional activities for Tvangeste and their work was really amazing! One of the biggest Russian metal labels CD MAXIMUM have licensed "Firestorm" for Russian Federation and CIS countries + Baltic Countries. CD will be released up to the end of October 2003. WORLD CHAOS are negotiating with Mexicans and Americans about license deals.
Canadian NEOBLAST RECORDS has released the "FireStorm" CD in April 2004. "FireStorm" was #1 in top 10 of bestsellers for FIVE MONTHS!! Now Tvangeste is in all major metal charts in Canada now!!...and even more....some NON METAL radios have Tvangeste in rotation and the band is competing to non metal artists there now! Music of Tvangeste was used for the official soundtrack of Canadian horror movie "Sinners and Saints" that already got a lot of positive critics in Canada.

Current line up is:

Michael ‚Miron“ Chirva – vocals, solo guitar
Naturelle Chirva - keyboards, orchestra arrangements
Nikolay Kazmin – guitar
Victoria Koulbachnaya – keyboards
Vanoe Mayoroff – guitar
Max Naumoff – basses

Session muiscians:
Cezar Mielko – drums (Polish virtuoso drummer from DOMINIUM (progressve death)
Ekaterina – violins, orchestra arrangement
Olaa –female vocals
+ Baltic Symphony Orchestra musicians
+ Prussian Chamber Choir vocalists

From the latest news: Earache offered us a contract and we are negotiating conditions now….so probably new albums will be released under the wings of mighty Earache Records from the UK…we’ll see….time will show….

Of course there were a lot of different things that happen to band but I’ve tried to be as short as possible. You’ll be able to find our full history on our official web site:

2. Tvangeste - the name of your band, what does it mean?

Tvangeste was a small site of ancient settlement in Prussia. It was destroyed in 1255 by christian knights. In the same year christens found a castle Konigsberg…it’s Kaliningrad now…the city we live in..We decided to use this name because at the beginning of our musical career everybody in the band were very interested in history of our native land. This name was the sign of our respect to the past of the land were all of us were born.

3. What are your plans for the future?

Actually a great deal of different plans. As I told you we are negotiating with Earache about new contract deal…we got some additional offers also we are just choosing to get the best deal for the band to make another step to the top of metal Olymp.
We are working on new material that would be definitely much better than all what we have done so far….we decided to use Swedish studio this time so the third album will be really professionally recorded. Also I am a producer of prog-death band HATECRAFT (Finland)…we’ll enter studio next year for their second album’s recording….we are choosing between HERTZ and STUDIO X now….I was a session vocalist for Israeli band ARAFEL during their session at STUDIO X in Olsztyn so I really liked the atmosphere and professional attitude. Good equipment, Szymon Czech is my old friend as well so I believe that we’ll record HATECRAFT there….

4. Finally, the essential question - who is sending this melancholic violin vibes on "Firestorm"?

Our violinist Katya. She’s a session member…but all music was created by me and Naturelle. I really grateful to Katya for her great talent and deep feelings – she’s one of the best violin players I know. As a matter of fact – she was in Kaliningrad Symphony Orchestra since 12….she’s in St. Petersburg Conservatory Orchestra now…touring worldwide with the best Russian musicians!

5. The choruses and lead vocals remind me a bit Cradle of Filth, and altogether musically - older albums of The Kovenant. Was it your intention? One can hear that this is not a mindless imitation but a step forward.

I agree that some places in my vocals could be compared to Dani’s vocals but as about WHOLE vocal lines – damn..there is a great difference…
Choirs – don’t forget we have recorded “FireStorm” in the beginning of 2002 so one year earlier than Cradles made their album with choirs….I even not sure I remember The Kovenant’s ..
We tried to go our own way in music….so there weren’t any intentions to copy anybody…Tvangeste is a band that doesn’t need to copy – we have developed our own style and make it better from album to album.

6. Exactly why do you play this kind of metal music?

I don’t know…actually I don’t listen to such type of music at all and I even not sure I have listened to the most of the famous bands of the genre. I prefer soundtrack for movies (Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore) , classical music (Bach’s strings!!) and virtuoso guitarists (Jason Becker, Marty Friedman). So actually I don’t know…the style of Tvangeste is something that really lives inside me…Saying poetically “the reflection of my inner side….the music of my soul that comes from my own thoughts”…but damn – I like the creation process but after countless times of listening our stuff I simply HATE it! I don’t listen to us at all as well….

7. Which of polish bands would you like to play with on a concert? Are there any polish bands worth marking out? And which ones are most well known in your country?

Let’s start from the end….the most known are for sure VADER and BEHEMOTH…I believe it’s undoubted…what bands should I mark….hmm…damn – MIDNIGHT DATE…DOMINIUM, BRIGHT OPHIDEA, NYIA!....awesome bands…..different styles….different music but all of mentioned bands are really mature professionals! I’d love to play gigs with all of them!...I know a lot of Polish bands….thanks my work at SELANI and STUDIO X in Olsztyn I know a lot of musicians from Polish metal scene. ENTER CHAOS is a great band - my latest impression!=))

8. What is your view on polish metal scene as a whole?

The scene I’d love to be a part of! Really…I respect Polish guys and I see the level of Polish bands. Poland has an incredible amount of good metal bands…mainly death metal which personally I don’t like at all…but the level of musicians, songwriting are really mature …Decapitated, Lost Soul, Creonics…damn! A lot of great bands indeed!....the name “Metal El Dorado” is a right name of your country’s metal scene….

9. What do you think about and how do people see it in your country?

What do I think about Great web magazine!
Keep doing great job! I don’t think it’s too popular in Russia though….

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Oh damn…. such a nice question right in the end of the interview….Man – you are sick! Well…it depends on circumstances... yes if a man fucks a woman in the ass, no in the other case…

Thank you for rendering your album accesible for us to listen, the review will appear on shortly.I wish you every success, even more than with the "Firestorm" album.

Thanks a lot for the chance to introduce Tavngeste to Your magazine’s readers. Thanks for the interview with the not typical end..hee.
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Thanks in advance!
Miron / Tvangeste

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