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Interview with MetalVox / Brazil.

The Cruel and Obscure Tvangeste rises from the Baltic sea, with its Symphonic Black metal like Bal-Sagoth and Dimmu Borgir. They came with all Fury to burn all the weak and insignificant. Lets discover more from this band:
1- How came the idea of making the band and the chose of the style?

Hails Man...well...actually I decided to make the band in’s a long story why...all my life I wanted to paly music, to create my own right after my army duty I got IN FLAMES’ first CD and was taht moment it was exactly what I wanted to without any abilities to paly neither guitar no keyboards I decided to try myself as a vocalist...after long seraches I found one bitter truth – “if you wanna make music you have to do it by yourself” I decided to start learning how to play was a real torture for me – 11 hours per day of hard trainings..but after taht fast start I got an ability to play guitar more or less good after only one year. An year later (1997) I managed to gather a first full crew...the same yesr we decided to call ourselves TVANGESTE (an ancient name of our was descrtoyed in 1255 by christian knights). From the beginning of my musioc life I had an idea about our style...I was a great fan of melody and complicated my dream was (and still is) to make interesting, various metal music..kinda mix of styles from the classical layers to the black metal. There are alot of metal bands in this world...really good bands...but if you want to make something really fgreat you have to find your face...your own way amongst many ways....

2- As I know, the band has difficult in find a good drummer? why?

Because our region is quite small...Kaliningrad region is a part of big Russian Federation but it’s a separate part taht lies between Poland and Lithuania on the seaside of Baltic Sea...taht’s why it’s really hard to find good musicians in our lands...drummer problem was always the biggest problem in Tvangeste but now it’s solved since we got an extraordinary drummer from Poland (Dominium band).

3- Tvangeste chose to play Pagan black metal, but some members of the band don't agree with this. Talk about it

Actually you’re talking about old times of Tvangeste’s was 1998 when Edgar (bass) and Asmodeus (drums) left the band because of the difference in our ideological conceptions and vision on Tvangeste music in general. At taht time we were interested in doing pagan ideology in our music. The result was “Damnation of Regiomontum”..our first CD (was released in Norway in 2000) was almost absolutely filled with pagan themes (exception was “Born to be King of Innerself” song that was the first sign..the first idea of making something really our own in lyrics).
Guys I told you about weretoo much into satanism and didn’t agree with my thoughts so..they play in another band now (Morion / black death).

4- Lets talk about the Firestorm project. Its a very technic album, how has the record of it?

Welll...actually it’s not as technical as it could be without lots of mistakes during recording sessions in Poland and we have an excellent experience in recording classical musicians, mixing metal parts and other stuff....I’m not satisfied by our work but I really like some themes from this album – it’s unusual for me since I don’t liek to listen to our music at all...he he...
Album was recorded at two studios: Polish well known SELANI (Vader, Behemoth, decapitated etc...) and Russian TV4STUDIOS (where “Damnation of Regiomontum” was recorded...all metal parts were recorded at SELANI by famous sound engineer Szymon Czech (Prophecy / Nyia). The decision to record all metal parts (drums, basses and guitars0 in poland was made because there is no good soundengineers with the true “metal minds” that would eb able to record metal band right way in Kaliningrad..Poland has such guys!...all orchestra , choirs andmu vopcals were done at TV4 studios...we got a horrible problem with the simchronisation of two parts (metal+orchestra and choirs but solved it within one month...but it affected on the final result- we got worse sound and lost a big sum on solving this trouble...

5 - The production of "Firestorm" is perfect. A interesting fact is that in the CD cover there are paintings of all band members. Who had this excellent idea?

My idea...after long thinkings I decided to make something like the main conceprion of the cover art was made by me but realized by Margareth Filth (painter) and Naturelle (design/artwork)

6- This album was released a year late. What difficulties did Tvangeste went trough so that made this release possible?

Because this album was recorded for Norwegian label VALGALDER RECORDS....but they got a big financial troubles and after some talks decided to sell us to bigger label from Japan – WORLD CHAOS was 1.5 years delay! Horrible tome for us...such black incertainty...but I’m absolutely glad by the final reaction of our stuff from the world’s metal mass media and metalheads! “Firestorm” was accepted simply incredible!

7- Until now who were the feedback from "Firestorm"?

Ohh...Man...if I’ll try to mention all reviews and interviews it will fill all your magazine in indeed!...We got insane quantity of the interviews (I have answered about 400 interviews by email, phone, icq, msn, personally). We got a top marks in many serious and big magazines of Europe, Americas and Asia. “FireStorm” was awarded as “The Best Black metal album of 2003” in some american, norwegian, Russian...magazines. “Firestorm” was licensed FIVE TIMES by labels from Russia, Germany, Poland, Canada, USA. We arerotating on radios from all continents and all taht I can tell You- I’m glad and I’ll do my best to make our music better and better!

8- You guys have the participation of the Baltic Symphonic Orchestra, how was it working with them?

It was a dream to play with the symphony orchestra....of course we got lots of difficulties (just think about all note sheets!!). We prepared over 300 note sheets for all musicians (Katya and Naturelle did it)...during classical musicians recording we got a true big experience. Now we know much more about many things! Of course we’ll continue our relationship with classical musicians and I promise – new album will be much more professional and really more interesting...expect for nice choirs and improved orchestrations!

9- Was there any peculiar reason for picking the Baltic Symphonic Orchestra?

Well...the only one peculiar reason was- they were not as expensive as all other orchestras are! you can understand – it’s not so cheap to have a real orchestra on your recording session..he he...and we have many friends in this orchestra so taht’s why we decided to choose them.

10- The compositions of Tvangeste has as base the old wars that happened in your territory (Prъssia). Does the whole band participates on the compositions or is it a solo work?

It’s my and Naturelle’s music (exception is “Fire in Our Hearts” by Nokolay Kazmin..our guitarist) All Tvangeste musicians have their own side projects they have a chance to realize their ideas and thoughts...

11- how is the metal scene in Prъssia lately, is there a band that you guys would recommend to our readers?

Well...I’d highly recommend for all guys who like dom metal to check our DIS PATER band...there are two Tvangeste members play. Their site: Also I’d recommend You some new fresh blood : TV BLOOD...really interesting band taht has incredible potentioal! about black=death part of metal inside our metal scene – undoubtly BLEEDING SKY (Victoria plays there) is really interesting band.

12- I know that Tvangeste has done lots of shows in Europe. Have you guys got any invitation to play in the American Continent, specially here in Brazil?

Well...actually we got much more invitations to paly shows than we have palyed..he problems. Yeah..I’d like to play in South America...we got so many friends from such countries as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico....I’d love to paly in your country but it’s quite impossible now because it would cost really too much...and we haven’t got any invitations from Brazil so far...again – I really want to paly in Brazil and if there would be any booking agencies/live shows organizers taht could invite Tvangeste – we are open for any offers!

13- Does the band already have a new work in mind?

Yes...we are qorking on the new material. I can’t tell you all details now....but in short words: new Tvangeste will be a true surprize for everybody who like our music. Fresh Tvangeste will be much more powerful, more speed guitar riffs, more female vocals. We’ll try to keep our main idea: to paly complicated and melodic music but new album will definitely differ to all our previous works! Also we’ll introduce a new image of a band. I bet it will be a big step for the band. I promise – you won’t be disappointed!

14- What would you say to the Brazilian fans?

Hails to all guys (and girls) who have read this interview to the end.It means you’re really interested in Tvangeste. I’m really grateful. We have alot inside our minds so be sure we’ll keep our serving you. I know taht there are many people who have no idea about who Tvangeste ar and how do they sound....just visit our site to read more and I hope you’ll join our friends team!
You’re in one step from downloading our stuff..just click to the links below:'FireStrom'_2_Raven.mp3'FireStrom'_7_Storm.mp3'FireStrom'_8_Tears.mp3

Love and respect your friends and let our enemies die!

15- Thanks you for the interview. I hope that we can meet in a show in Brazil soon.

Thanks Man..thanks for so interesting interview.
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