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Interview with Oskorei / Norway

- Greetings Miron. Now, tell me, after 6 months in production with your new material, how does it feel to be done.
And also having produced one hell of a album? How do you think the process from the beginning till end have gone? Any complications along the long road?

Hails Nash! Yes, at last our new stuff is finished! It was a long long path to the end of this hard work. All recording session was abnormal hard all way. As since this work wasn’t usual for us – it was our first experience in live symphonic orchestra recording there were alot of troubles. We recorded this album in two studios:
Polish studio SELANI (known as a studio where Vader, Behemoth, Lux Occulta were recorded) and TV4 studios in Kaliningrad. All metal parts such drums, guitars, basses were recorded in SELANI by Szymon Czech. All orchestra and choir parts were recorded in TV4 studios in Kaliningrad. We recorded all classical musicians in Kaliningrad because we couldn’t afford to take all band (about 40 persons) to Poland. This album had a limited budget – our label (Valgalder Records) gave us 4000 dollars for everything (both studio recording sessions, salaries for guest drummer, clasical musicians from Baltic Symphony Orchestra, singers from Choir…)
The main horible problem was SYNCHRONISATION “classical” part to “metal” part.
I even thought our new stuff wouldn’t be finished! Because of dofference between editing programs on SELANI and TV4 studios our classical part became a little bit longer than metal part. But it turn our music to chaos! Thanks to Alexey Artichevski (TV4) we saved our stuff and I’m glad to introduce new Tvangeste’s album to metalheads from all over the World!

- Now, I guess it’s a lot of people out there wondering who you are, and what you stand for.
I have heard a lot of people mistakeing Tvangeste for being a semi-nazi band, just because of the symbol you used on your debut album;
Danmation of Regiomontum. Please tell us the motiv, the reason behind the symbol.

I think that all people who have a brain understand that this symbol has no common with nazi. This is ancient Prussian symbol means “HEAVEN” – “SUN” surrounded by “CLOUDS”. This sign reflects our outlook, our ideology. Please don't thinlk we are nazi or something like this...we don't hate any nation but WE WANT RESPECT OUR NATIVE CULTURE...

- Could you also tell me the motiv and history behind Tvangeste, what do the name stand for. And what are you ambitions with Tvangeste.
I think, and hope that you will become really big some day.

Tvangeste was a small Prussian site of ancient settlement desroyed in 1255 by christians. On Tvangeste’s ashes was founded new german town Koenigsberg (Regiomontum)…it’s my native town Kaliningrad now.
Ha ha..I hope so…who knows – we are trying to do something great and interesting. Maybe one day our faces will be on Your magazine’s first cover page=))

- Now, let’s jump over to your music. Something I know you want to talk about.
What is your personaly thoughts about the new album? And what is the difference between the debut album and this one?
I get the feeling that this album is more proffesinal made in all ways. Tell us about that. And also the difference in musical stage of the two albums.

I like our new stuff..and dislike it at the same time…You know – it was our first experience in Orchestra recoring. Nobody from Prussian metal bands did it before us! (maybe Rakoth used some “classical stuff” but not whole symphony orchestra)
Sure not all from our thoughts were recorded right, sure we could bo it much better. Now we know how to record Live Orchestra the best way and next album will show how good was this “FireStorm” lesson.
As about difference between two recordings “FireStorm” has:

Good sound – we recorded in good polish SELANI studio.
Novatory vision of our style (new elements in vocals, guitar techinque etc.)
Conceptual approach. We try to create more than just “good album”. Kinda little symphony with alot of interesting diferent lines
“Insertion of orchetra” You can hear on Dimmu Borgir’s album. Our music unites orchestra and metal sound. You can hear orchestra in each song and not only “little classica fragments”…we tried to create new fresh style in metal music. And I hope these tries were successefull..
Also (as I said before) we invite a great session drummer – Cezar. This guy brought alot in our sound and even more!
Well…that’s not all…everybody will be able to find something interesting and new on our new CD ‘cause it seems to me we did really good work.


Does this album have a story, and if, what kind of story?

Yes…this album is conceptual in all ways…from the first song to the end of our album You’ll be able to listen to one long story. Step by step – song by song.
The main idea of this album is the Sorrow about Great Prussian Land…about ancient (XIII Century) times…about brave warriors involved in the great war for Independance of Mind…our lyric discribe Honor and meanness, Valour and lie…we tried to show that ancient world not only like “word of pagan gods and fights” but deeper…to show inner side of human, his mind, his soul and heart…we tried to tell to everybody to go their own ways and don’t follow alien ideas…to be Kings of Innerselves

You also have on this album a live symphony orchestra with you. That must have taken alot of planning, or?

We spent alot of time to create this album. All music (except “Fire in our Hearts”) was written by me and my wife (and Tvangeste’s keyboarder) Naturelle. All classical musicians play only with notes…yes..that little black dots on the white paper..ha ha.
All this horrible work (to write parts for each instrument: for violins, for flutes, for cellos, for alt, for.…) was made by Katya (violinist) and Naturelle. It took about month work but You can listen to real orchestra on our album! There were about 300 sheets of notes! There are about 90 –100 tracks in each of Tvangeste songs from new album!

Me, personally, think that the orchestra plays a huge part in the music of Tvangeste. What’s your opinion on just that? Why so much orchestra parts? It must be very diffucult playing live in the future?

Yes…there are alot of Orchestra themes on “FireStorm”…I must say You even more – orchestra is not just a “little pieces” but long themes during the songs…we do not combine metal and classical instruments…we try to unite them all in one great music….kinda metal symphony…it’s our first step in such music creations and I’m satisfied by resuts…as about live shows it’s true. We aren’t Bill Gate’s children and we can’t afford to play live with Symphony Orchestra. He he…there will be more metal on our live shows then!!

- To some people you may have a vocal-resemblance to a well know figure in the metal scene, Dani Filth. By saying this I want you once
and for all tell the audince your thoughts and denies about just that. Do I say it right, that you haven’t the “childishlike” vocals as Dani? You also
master the parts between the screams and deep hell growls that Dani does most of the time?

You know…it my opinion I have my own style in vocal. And I agree some people could find some common “tricks” but please listen again and You’ll understand that there’s big difference between my voice and Dani’s one. I respect him as a good singer but I don’t want to be just “Dani’s stupid clone” ‘cause I have my own way of singing.

Now, do you have any plans for the next album, because I guess, and hope Tvangeste will realese a third album sometime in the future.

We are working on our new album! All what I can tell You for now – there will be interesting changes in our style. New album will be recorded with the Orchestra too but as I said You before now we know all our weak places and we’ll change it on the future album. I think we’ll strat recording in the autmn of this year.

- Tvangeste is signed on the norwegian record-company Valgalder Records. How do you think that has done for you, both bad and good.
I mean since it’s so small and not very known, yet. Any thoughts around Valgalder?

I’m glad that we are signed on Valgalder Records. These guys made us more or less known abroad of small Prussia. They released our demo album, they made possible to record our new stuff and we are waiting for its official release! I want to thank Marius Olaussen for his believes in us. Valgalder did alot for us.
It’s true – Valgalder Records is a small record company. They can’t afford themselves to spend alot of money to promote us the best way but they do everything that they can do and I respect them for it!

- Well, I think this draws to an end. Any last words to the metal crowd out there? And off course, do you have any plans of doing a tour soon?
I know alot of people will be satisfied if you do so. Until next time Miron, thanks alot for letting people in the North hear from such an exelent band as Tvangeste.

First of all I wan to thank You Nash for the chance to be interviewed by one of the biggest metal magazines in the Norway! I know there’s alot of great people in Your country. Proud Nation - Keep Your swords high! Nobody will help us…only we by ourselves can rich success!