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Interview with Pommesgabel / Germany

1. You are coming from russia – better prussia. I dont actually know any metal bands from this country. Is it so difficult to public metal from eastern europe?

Well…’s really not as easy to make a metal music as for western musicians. Why?...there are many reasons but main is as you can gather – economical shitty problems. sucks when you can’t afford yourself to get a good guitar of keyboard….to record a good promotional stuff (all good labels “eat” only well done products so it is kinda REQUIRED to have a good recorded album to attract even small label’s attention. Etc tec… and now just imagine that usual good salary in Russia is $300. Lots of people have even less…300 fucking dollars on food, apartments and other shit….so it’s quite impossible to collect enough money to buy a good guitar….but damn! It’s just a guitar….normal guitarist needs also good amplifier, good preamp, good processor etc….that’s why you can see just 2-3 bands from Russia that have more or less good money to spend on music. And damned music doesn’t bring anything back! In our case – we have sold over 10 000 of our latest album “Firestorm” so far…and we haven’t received anything for it! But we have lost $3000 during the recording session from our own money!...and never got anything back….so it’s okay for us – we do web development and can afford it…but for the rest of metal bands it’s quite impossible just to throw out such sum….
Most of western musicians would die if they were Russians….

How do you come to this kind of music, i suggest it is more difficult to get some CD’s in russia then in germany. In former times, metal was ‘imperialistic’...

You are absolutely wrong. We have the same amount of the metal CDs as you have and even more: as far as there is no a good “copyright law” in Russia we have a great deal of pirate copies…sometimes even 1-2 months BEFORE the official release. But as you can gather – it’s now…when Russia is on its way to fuckin’ bullshit called “democracy”….but you are right Man – I am 29 old man and I can remember that times when you could be jailed for one record of such bands as KISS or ACCEPT…damn…all sources we had in 80s were poor quality radio and cassettes that were brought to USSR by seamen…in 1986 when I was a 11 years old kid I got a chance to record music with the stereo quality from the Polish radio station (we live in eastern Europe…Kaliningrad…it’s about 50 kilometers from Polish border so it was impossible to jam radio broadcasts for our secret services and many guys from Kaliningrad were able to record a full albums by nights….nice time indeed! Self made UHF antennas…well hidden of course…stupid radio receiver…night..and WASP’s sounds…shit…and mother’s callin “Go to the!”…

3. Which bands are your impressions?

I have a lot of impressions from really wide spectrum of music…from really brutal metal to popular music. Thanks to my Daddy I was “The Beatles” addict.. My first metal impression was WASP’s “Inside the Electric Circus”….later I was stunned by their “Crimson Idol”…so at school I was a great WASP fan…later I got a chance to get In Flames, Rhapsody, Soilwork…all of mentioned bands were my great impressions…
As about now – I really listen to many different styles….my favorite style in music is soundtracks for movies…performed by such guys as Denny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore , Jerry Goldsmith etc…I really like complicated classical music! Mixed with the emotions from the movie!


So you make your new album ‘firestorm’ public end of the last year, getting good review and marks in Legacy magazine and - of course – Also a lot of other online-magazines are writing the best over your new CD. In Russia and other Eastern countries you sold over 5000 times ‘firestorm’. It’s a unbelievable success!

Welll…I believe from that time our sales exceeded 5000 and now it’s over 10 000 CDs sold worldwide. Please note that German market really helped with that! Thanks SHURE SHOT promotional agency that made really a lot to promote us in Germany and make TVANGESTE name much more know inside your metal world.
Yes I agree it’s a success…especially for the band from Russia but I am sure that it’s just a beginning and we’ll do our best to increase our sales thru the improvements in music! Prepare for the great changes in TVANGESTE style!

How you would describe your music?

Music…just music….okay…metal music…that’s all.. I really hate all those “labels’ that people always trying to “stick” to all musicians…..”he plays like …..ahh…okay…then he is…..”…Damn! I don’t like it…I prefer to call all music just a music….ther is only one difference between bands – their music could be either good or bad. TVANGESTE plays a great mix of different styles from black metal to true classical music performed by real orchestra and a choir.

Some magazines will compare your kind of music with Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Bal Sagoth, what means this to you?

Human mind is really narrow and tons of people always want to compare…to discuss about “who’s better?”.. it’s really stupid…of course we have some elements of mentioned bands…we play metal…we use guitars and drums…some days ago I checked my old CD collection and found that some themes (a big pieces indeed!) of SAMAEL’s “Passage” are similar to DIMMU’s music…so what?...Dimmu could be described like “band n vein of Samael”!!! I don’t care about all those comparisons…we just do what we think is good and that’s all…

Do you plan a tour across Germany?

Yes…we managed to get a really great sound man from your country. Alex Mueller…this guy helps many bands as far as I know…so together with him we are thinking about possible tours in Germany. I believe we’ll start from some big fests like WACKEN…we were invited to this fest once but for some reasons we weren’t able to accept that offer.. this year I hope we’ll be there!

Have you also some interesting facts to this tour?

Well….for now I can’t tell you anything…we are just discussing this stuff. All that I can really promise – one day we’ll appear in Germany!

In a live-video i see a spectacular show on stage with sword-fighting and so on... will you think about such a performance in germany?

Yes…I believe we’ll try to make our usual “theatre’ show. We don’t use only a stupid sword fights…we use a lot of different elements that suit to the music and especially to the lyrical part…for example the activities on stage are always reflect what’s in the lyrics in the particular time…so we use fire….martial arts elements (being martial artist myself I really like that spectacular demonstrations!), pyrotechnics etc etc…

It seems to be quite hard to get out of russia and it is very far... you think this will work without problems?

Actually we live in 500 kilometers (or about it) from Berlin. Our native town is Kaliningrad…its old name is KONIGSBERG….a capital of Eastern Prussia…German Territory that was taken by Soviet Army in 1945…quite near I’d say…but anyway – it’s hard to go to Germany…we need visas to visit Germany and it’s really expensive shit….as an additional problems - not all people are able to get visa… damn.. your embassy is free to reject the apply without any explanations!...weird but true…
But anyway – it’s really possible to play some gigs in Germany for us…much easier than for the band from….hmm.. Moscow…

Also i take a view on your homepage – it’s really great, wonderful design! – and some mp3’s and videos completed this page. In Germany they talk about how ‘bad’ digitalized music is... May you understand the opinion of the music industry, to forbid this kind of trade?

Thank for the nice words about the design – this site was made by our own web studio and got an International Association of Web Developers and Designers Association’s award in 2003. As about digital music…I clearly see the bad sides that make labels’ life worse…it’s much easier to download a whole album from the Net than to spend 6-15 dollars on audio CD…and it’s understandable!...I believe that it’s good for me – as a true musician I really prefer the more wide auditory than money so I don’t care if somebody will download us for free…even more – I always send a direct links to the mp3 files of TVANGESTE to my friends and I think it’s normal…but from the other side – labels really are suffering expenses….so I’d say – there should be found a middle solution suitable for both sides….

If someone comes to you with a burned copy of your newest album ‘firestorm’ in Germany, would you sign it?

Yes. It would be funny and as far as I don’t have anything and audio CD is not my own money – it’s okay ad I’ll even laugh with the person who will ask me to sign a CDR of Tvangeste…not a problem! The person spent his (her) own money on CDR to get Tvangeste at last…hee..=)))

Have you got some problems with your symbol in Germany because of the sunwheel? Germany is really sensitive to this symbol...

Yes…our first album got a great problems in Germany. “Damnation of Regiomontum” was banned by many German labels because of the sign that was described by them as a “swastika”….actually we are not a nazi at all…we respect all who respect us and we don’t care about such shit as a nationalism…there are a lot of assholes within all nations for sure! And there are good guys as well….so yes- we got a troubles but the symbol still exist on our site and on our second album (only inside the booklet this time). Narrow minded assholes see what they want to see…so it’s easy to recognize a nazi stuff in …hhmm…COLUMBIA clothing…

do you Understand what I mean? =)

The name of the band TVANGESTE was an village which was destroyed by teutonic knights in 1255. Why do you called the Band TVANGESTE?

It was an ancient time...XII Century. The cursed Christians started their quest to the Prussian Land... Yes, it was another crusade, drawn in blood to bring "true love, and a true God" to the barbarians.

Tvangeste was a small site of ancient settlement destroyed in 1255 by Teutonic knights. In this place was a knights Castle, Koenigsberg. The town where we live, the town we love, the land we respect...

If you may choose: Living one week in middle-age or in future (500 years)?

Damn..with such dangerous tendencies as we can see now I am afraid – there won’t be anything alive on this Earth in future 100-200 years…from the other hand – if I got this chance to see the life there – I am sure I was recognized as a “Satan follower” for my untypical look and got killed immediately. So I’d better stay here in our Century. There are enough curious thing to explore without any doubts!

So... last question – you have survived the email! What is your holiest wish for the next years?

Damn…I have really several dreams….the main is really typical for all inhabitants of this Earth…the rest – damn I really want to see TVANGESTE name in one row with such band as Megadeth, WASP, fuckin’ Metallica etc… I want to make a full length movie with our music (we are working on it now)….

You want to say something to your fans in germany – or those who will be in next time?

Thanks a lot for the chance to introduce Tavngeste to Your magazine’s readers.
Thanks a million for a such great and interesting interview….You can’t imagine how nice and interesting to answer not typical interviews! I have answered over 500 interviews since September of 2003. It was a fuckin’ job for me! And you even can’t imagine how is it hard to answer all the time the same questions about “history….preferences in music….what does Tvangeste mean etc etc tec…”
So your interview was kinda fresh spring to me! Thanks Man….

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