"Damnation of Regiomontum" lyrics were written by
Miron and Vanoe during summer 1999.

From Nameless Oracle
Music by Tvangeste, Lyrics by Vanoe

At the final glorious battle
Sons of human they will know
What's the point of being human
Through the fight with sons of mind
Have no way to get some knowledge Dashing in the blood dishing chaos
Have no fade to get some power
In the days of fight to death
Calling Atl'aman, we'll see the damn of heaven
Calling Atl'aman, we'll see the rising of Patala
Let the fury comes, to clean the wild minds of mortals
Let the powerful swords with hostile crash the temples of the lie
And when the half of everything came,
When the battle pass thought the top of horror violence
Seven Atl'aman came from the dark valley of Earth
And the chaos hadn't power to sign'em
There was the sons with eyes full of fury passion
Of there world and the languages gave the softness of their hearts
These are by the command of Atl
Standing up at the head of the army
These are by the command of gods
Will invite everyone
Seven as one they will take
Old the sons of humanity
To the
Final attack with the darkness and weakness of mind

Shall we do know
what's the point of holy visions?
Want to try?
Are you ready for blind?
Shall we do know
what's the point of crying and tears?
Want to see are you ready to fill?
Shall we do know
What's the point of freedom and power?
Want to see?
Are you ready to lose?
Shall we do know
What's the points of honour and bravery?
Want to try, are you ready to die?

One! Will be down!
Will lost! The everything!
Great Pendulum! Will reel! Again!
Everlasting pain! Do not! Leave them!
Hold! By power of the wheel!
At the hopeless deadly lines!

You're as the stars now,
Of ineffable creation.
Fell down, to wail yourself
Roaming though the dusk dimensions.

Here, in the highlands,
Battle will complete at last.
Visionary dream,
Become a horror weapon
Here, at crossing sides
Two forces tell the truth
Of the innocent meaning of lies.

Come here, sit here Return your will
Things are blink now, visions make you to heal
Sleep now, rest now,
You're lost your wings
Dream is real now indulgence in foolish it means

(Vanoe's monolog)
In the deepest dream going human sons, timely touches
They great power, timely slides over it
And didn't know what was that visionary meetings
Blazing in the sacred spirit.
Losing memories of the being, they had
To woke the ability of magic nature...
Because times by times the heaven over the mankind
Will stay purely and cold as the phantasmal dream.
Only little sparks of light are blinking somewhere.
It will wake up and recall the hole sorrow madness of the dream.
Blazing...small fire begins to grow up...
Yes, too small but it's real fire
A little hope that dreaming wouldn't go any longer.
Slowly...slowly...the other sparks of fire
Get the mists of Dragon Lore look! Answering to mists of lore another sleepers
Begin to dreamed worry

Calling Atl'aman, we'll see the damn of heaven
Calling Atl'aman, we'll see the rising of Patala
Let the fury comes, to clean the wild minds of mortals
Let the powerful swords with hostile crash the temples of the lie

Angel's Retreat
Music by Tvangeste, Lyrics by Vanoe

During lost times I've been
Reject myself.
During lost times the slimly holders
Suck me.
I've been looking for the mysteries
Hiding here,
Searching for the source of ancient lies.

There were dreams beyond reality,
Take to the mists of beaming skies,
There where evanescent means eternity,
You will be at loss before your fight.
You're should be dawn...

Weak, in fear, you think you are the lord?
Breathless, in sacrilegious as rat
You had to grope.
Shy, in tears, you're going to the trap,
Giving by your faithless.
'n' now you're retreat.

Come, down here,
What are my mistakes, Angel?
Mind is blind,
What is the price for truth, Angel?

Why must you listen the blames
Against the sacred Nature?
Why must you believe in the lie
That makes you to scare to...

Damnation of Regiomontum
Music by Tvangeste, Lyrics by Miron

Clouds hide the sun
Fire blinds my eyes
Smell of death around of me
Like a shadow...

Only sword in arm
Sorrow in my heart
Only hatred in my mind.....

GROUND of my land have now became red
It can't take the blood anymore
Shouts of dying like an echo
of the greatest tragedy come to my land
With the servants of alien god...

Regiomontum a garden on ashes
I roam in your infernal shadows
And only moonlight shines my mournful way
Regiomontum new life on the site of fire

Town the phantom in a fog of centuries
As a shelter of souls, crippled in sacred war...

For the name of goodness and love
Drowning in blood of the innocent people
For the name of goodness and love
Orphaned land, life transformed in ashes

When you'll lay down in a bed of Death
Ridden by fear of Uncertainty
Think of your life before you'll draw your last breath
Think of your sins in reality...

It's not rain that has spilled from the sky
It is tears of my people
It is not the rivers with pure water
It is the rivers of blood of my people
Now all of us are dead
There is nobody to raise children
There is nobody to harvest
Sacred fire has gone
Vaidelot's Sacred fire

The Land of our ancestors is grasped by the flame of war
The air is filled by bitterness
There is no the taste of freedom here anymore
Only grief about native ground
Only Unending rain and lonely warrior Mourn about
The Great nation exterminated for the name of goodness and love

Music by Tvangeste, Lyrics by Miron

I heard a leaves whisper
In the cold autumn fores
When we were standing near
The bonfire and we were

Crossing our swords
Over its flame
I heard a peals of thunder
In the evening twilights
I saw a dying sun
Changing by Silver moonlight...

For Dying!
For Crying!
For Native Land!
For Profaned Fate!

Damned cross like a black shadow
Has came to my Land
Everybody under this shadow either starts to lie or die...
But better die standing with proudly holding up head
Than live kneeling with the mask of hypocrisy...

I heard peals of thunder
In the evening twilightsZ
I saw a dying sun
Changing by the silver moonlight
Wind brought to my earing
Wolf's wailing, lone and yearning

It was early in the morning
When I was sitting by the purling stream
And I was thinking...of my nation
Suddenly I heard the summon
"Time, Brothers! It's our time!"
We were straddling our horses
And we were to take
Our swears into Reality....

Born to be Kings of Innerself
Music by Tvangeste, Lyrics by Miron

Millions of people from all over the world worship for different gods
But What is the God? What holy fathers teach them?
They teach to be resigned to fate...But What is Fate?
They teach to be humble, submissive...
They grow the weak willed herd of sheep...

Hey! Proud nation!
Think what happens with your mind!
Who controls your own souls?
What operates your lives?

Hey! Proud people!
Where's your lost freedom?
Your thoughts and your words
don't belong to you any more...

Born to be Free...
Like wind in the skies...
Born to be Strong...
Now close Your eyes...
Proud name 'The Man'
Should not be lost
Hold it in the memory
of your hearts

Thousands years they inspired you the fear of God's punishment
Rebels were burned in the fires
Thousand years they killed in you the sprouts of wisdom
No more! Brothers! Now is your time to rise!

Your God in Your Mind
You're owner of your soul, the master of heart filled by freedom.
Stop the Madness of lie, and use your best right
To use your best right
To be yourself!!!!