In a basis of today's Tvangeste ideology is the synthesis of two basic streams
closest to all members of group. It is indisputable antireligious tendency, as a
basis of philosophy of group, both teh main moral and spiritual parts for all of us.

What do we mean saying "antireligious tendency"?

Shortly it can be described with motto, which says:

" Your God is In your Head and this God is You "

The man at his birth is the high-grade person, with pure mind and heart.
But there is a line of transformations in his development by aspiration of
a society to suppress and kill his centres of self-respect and self-expression...
self improvement.
Differently, the society is a herd, and it does not suffer any differences from itself.
Do not suffer more Those who is above this herd willless, soulless, mindless
sheeps, which life is a complex of social conditionality with borders and rules...
NOT THEIR RULES... Those people are herdmen...they rule this World... They are wise
people having authority above souls of millions...
Differently, all this can be considered as the circuit of outlook "wolves - sheeps" …
This model is closest to us.

What is Religion?
Christianity, buddhism, satanisn (less than others!!!) or something else...
The religion is the ideally planned complex of psychological
influences, directed on suppression own "I" in a favour another's one,
frequently maskable under the name of God

The human essence is weak and is insignificant … There are a lot
of ways and various psychological methods aimed directing the man
to that, or other way, depending on the one for whom it is
necessary and what for...

What is Society?

Power or just herd?
The power of it consists among and absence own "I" as proud,
and independent human root.
In uncountable weight they are capable to stamp the sprout
of comprehension itself not by a part of herd, but separate,
high-grade person with his own points of view and undserstanding
the World...

When man starts to believe in God he starts to surrender, capitulate...
to escape from his failures and losses but actuially he escapes
from himself...And he losses himself, his mind, his own proud "I"...

To keep itself as pure from another's imposed ideas, of sights
and values is extremely difficult, it is necessary to think about it.

It is necessary to think about, access the another's ideas to Your mind,
which can be fatal for Your life, not only yours, but also subsequent generations.

The second point in Tvangeste ideology is the history of our
Native Land. The cultures of Prussia and Russ in many respects
were crossed, supplemented and enriched.
It's offensive to admit that a basis of "Great Russian culture " is
imposed by a christianity Jewish life.
Masterpieces of Russian architecture, painting - crosses,
angels and gods with alien names...
Even the name Ivan, who be exact Russian is the Jewish name!!!
Please don't thinlk we are nazi or something liek this...we don't hate any

The true culture of the Great Ross was forgotten, was erased,
and killed by Jewish expansion in VII Century.
The great people, which could not be overcome neither by Mongollians,
nor by Germans, nor another enemies, has surrendered without fight,

The similar things were in Prussia (small land near the Baltic Sea).
Even the gods of Russian and Prussian Lands were similar.
"Perun"-"Perkuno" etc...
But Russia assimilated with alien culture...Prussia died...

In a sign of grief about killed and forgotten history of two great Lands
we create our music, hoping, that probably somebody
will think who is he, where are his roots, and
what is happening in this World …