New album's finished!!!!
I'm glad to inform You that Tvangeste's new album is ready now!!! There's 7 songs and intro in this album. Total length - 46 minutes. It was so hard to finish this stuff and I want to thank personally:

My Wife and our keyboardist NATURELLE for her talent to create a good music, her patience during this album creation and recording
Alexey Artichevski (TV4 studios) for his great help with synchronisation and great work during orchestra recording process!
Szymon Czech (SELANI studio) for his great metal part recording talent!
Cezar (session drummer) for his excellent work during drums recording!
Katya (Baltic Symphonic orchestra's first violin) for her incredible help with orchestra arrangement!
Margo Succubus Filth (painter) for her unique art!

You're able to download three tracks from new album here